Best road trip ever with cannabis dispensary stops

My partner Bob and I don’t have any children.

That was sort of by design really.

We’ are both so focused on our careers that being parents would have been tough to do. Plus, neither of us were ever that crazy with the system anyway. That was really something that attracted us to each other. Bob and I can also care deeply about our recreational marijuana at beach house separate from fear of the kids finding out. Bob and I care about hearing those stories when friends of ours get caught by their children when they find their cannabis stash. Bob and I have consistently appreciated recreational marijuana as a way to try and balance out all the high energy effort that comes with our respective careers. Bob and I both care about indica and sativa. The indica strains both of us like supply us with much more of a body sensation while the sativa products supply a headspace of calm, hope, peace and joy. So why not wrap all that up into vacations right? That’s exactly what both of us do. Bob and I care about to choose, research and then plan out our vacations around shopping for marijuana on sale. Recently, both of us found a vacation tour that gave both wine tasting and cannabis dispensary shopping trip. That was the most fun tour that we’ve ever done. And we’re not the sort that goes on tours so much. But both of us had such a blast and made tons of vacation friends. It was so fun to be able to be on a bus that took us to a classy vineyard for some appealing wine tasting. And then, that same bus would pull into a well known local cannabis spot. Wow, I highly suggest doing such a vacation if you have the means.
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