The finest dining experience cannabis has to offer

Maybe going to the cannabis dispensary for brunch is not something you have considered before, but maybe you should! My name is Pat, and I am a graduate of the CIA, the Culinary Institute of America, the most prestigious cooking school in the country.

I have eight years of experience, and in that time I have worked under some of the most famous chefs in the world.

I was even on an episode of Chopped once! Now I have an opportunity to make a name for myself in the growing field of cannabis cooking. Using a high tech kitchen that was certified with an A rating from the health department, we have a limited seating dining room for the most elegant cannabis infused dishes you have ever tasted. Located right next door to the cannabis dispensary for easy access to ingredients, this is a joint venture that wants to show the world there is more to marijuana than pot brownies and space cakes! How about an opulent seafood pasta, with linguini that has been infused with the finest sativa strains of cannabis. A leafy green salad of three kinds of lettuce and six kinds of marijuana, drizzled lightly with a balsamic reduction of Purple Haze. Every succulent dish on our menu promises the height of flavor, or elegance, and of heavy THC content. This is a new kind of cannabis cafe, and we plan on making a big name for ourselves. For your next birthday or anniversary, book a table at the cannabis restaurant that will be the first one to earn a Michelin star!

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My dream of running a cannabis dispensary

The only part of the marijuana business I had no experience with was the legal side of it, securing permits and authorization

My dad always told me that life never handed things to people who sat and waited for them. He was a big advocate for education, but an even bigger advocate for working. Anyone who wanted something had to work for it, and he led by example, working as hard as he could every single day. I am not sure that he would have considered selling pot in high school as “working” but that was how I followed his example. Thankfully I never got caught doing it, because by the time I graduated I had a very successful cannabis business on my hands. The problem was that I knew dealing marijuana was not a long term career, so I needed to find a way to parlay it into a legitimate job. I sent emails out to the owners or managers of several major cannabis dispensary chains, in several states where pot has been legalized. I said that I was a hard worker, with a lot of experience, willing to travel, and I was a skilled cannabis taster as well as possessing extensive math and business skills. I wanted to become a legal marijuana salesman, and I was just trying to get my foot in the door any way that I could. The only part of the marijuana business I had no experience with was the legal side of it, securing permits and authorization. Otherwise, there was no part of a cannabis dispensary that I couldn’t handle. I got two responses, so maybe I can live my dream and run my own cannabis dispensary.



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Edibles help me make it through the work day

I have a cubicle in a massive room we call the bullpen.

There are forty eight different cubicles crammed into this room, with forty eight employees crunching numbers, coding, and making phone calls all day long.

It’s not the kind of job many people can handle. No sunlight, constant noise and chaos, a series of different supervisors and bosses nagging you daily with endless email threads. I would have quit or gone insane long ago had I not discovered the magic powers of edibles. With cannabis edibles for breakfast and lunch, the work day always has a nice hazy quality to it. Surprisingly enough, using cannabis edibles has not hindered my work performance at all, and I am a better worker while I stoned off my butt. Without the edibles, I get so irritated and frustrated with my coworkers, and the various noises and smells they generate. But once I have a couple of pot brownies, or maybe a bag of cannabis-infused gummy worms, then it is very easy to tune them out and focus on the task at hand. Part of me wants to get the job to cover my tab at the cannabis dispensary, because it is so helpful to my productivity. Of course I will not do that, because no one really cares about marijuana anymore but you still shouldn’t advertise it at work, right? The best thing about edibles is that they can pack a heck of a THC-infused punch, and you show no signs of being stoned at all. But boy howdy are you ever stoned!
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Thank goodness for marijuana legalization

As soon as recreational use was legalized, you know the first thing I did? I went out on the front porch, in full view of God, the neighbors, and everyone, and I rolled up a big fat hogleg of a joint. This wasn’t just a joint, people, this was a five-paper Frankenstein’s monster reefer. I took my time rolling it up in the rocking chair, and then I sparked it up. Anyone who looked at my funny I just smiled and offered them a toke. I had smoked in secret for the last few decades, and now this old man was going public with his cannabis use. The funny thing is that I never got into smoking marijuana when I was a teenager, which is when most people start using it. I never had the interest, not through my entire life, until I hit a certain age and my body started getting weaker. That was when the medicinal effects of cannabis really started to shine through, and I quickly became a daily pot smoker. The problem was that marijuana was still illegal at the time, so this little doddering old man had to hustle to find a local dealer who wanted my business. Also, I felt angry that I had to be a criminal in order to find medicinal marijuana to make my aches and pains feel better. Now those days are behind me, I can go to a cannabis dispensary and buy whatever I want, and I can sit in my rocking chair and blow pot smoke at my neighbors.

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A successful marijuana farm

My family has owned this farm for six generations.

  • At the start it was massive, and then it grew and grew into one of the biggest farms in the state.

Then my grandparents started selling off parcels of lands, a tradition my parents continued. Long story short, it is my farm now, but is a tiny fraction of the size it used to be. I don’t mind, honestly, this 500 acres is still more land than I know what to do with. What would I do with another ten thousand acres, right? I have enough land for privacy, and enough barns to grow a great many cannabis crops. It is still a working, ative farm, only know it is for marijuana plants and not much else. Near the main house I keep a garden, just for my own personal food, but its really to provide a distraction from the marijuana grow. Marijuana legalization has not hit this state yet, although I know it will sooner or later. When that happens, I am going to try and go legit and start selling to marijuana dispensaries in the area. Until then, I have a handful of trusted distributors who buy my cannabis on a regular basis. It’s a simple transaction, as I sell them my cannabis at wholesale price, and they turn around and resell it for whatever they want. I don’t have a hand in sales, I strictly grow and provide the cannabis and nothing else. This will all be a lot less stressful once the politicians finally legalize marijuana use.

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I am going to make it big as a cannabis chef

My dream has always been to be a chef.

In order to be a chef you need to go to culinary school, and before you go to culinary school you need to have a lot of experience.

I started off as a line cook, and started saving up money for culinary school. It took a few years, but I view that time as well spent, because I studied under a lot of great chefs in that period. I aced culinary school, and then had the daunting task of finding a high end chef position. The answer to my prayers came from an unexpected place, when the owner of the local cannabis dispensary called me with an idea. He had a high end kitchen sitting unused, and he wanted to get into the high end cannabis cuisine market. What excited me was that he wasn;t just thinking about the standard edibles like pot brownies and space cakes, he was thinking fine dining. Cannabis being infused into various aspects of a three course meal, over candlelight, is the sort of experience the dispensary owner had in mind. For now, he is still working on financing, so I am working on securing local marijuana growers for specific blends and strains of the finest tasting cannabis. I am putting together not just one menu, but several different menus, in case the cannabis cuisine idea has to change.I am preparing myself for anything, even if it’s making pot brownies for a while to pay the bills, but am determined to succeed as a cannabis chef.


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New products come out on Friday afternoon

The people I was with an addition to myself appreciate all of the little shops that we have near our village.

  • The people I was with in addition to myself moved to our apartment in addition to often worried that we would not be able to go downtown quickly.

We were very lucky when the beachside community started popping up in stores all over the place. After five years, we have clothing stores, food establishments, gas stations, and restaurants. The people I was with an addition to myself only go to the city when we absolutely need to visit the store for some reason. Other than that, we have everything we need right here at home. There is even a cannabis dispensary. The people I was with in addition to myself use the cannabis dispensary and visit that place when we go to the strip mall. The grocery store is located at the strip mall as well. The people I was with in addition to myself order items ahead of time and in addition to that we have no problem and can pick everything up on our way back to the apartment. It is absolutely legal for people in this state to buy recreational marijuana as long as it comes from a licensed dispensary. You have to visit that cannabis dispensary and you don’t even need to be recommended by a physician. The dispensary gets new items on Friday, so I try to see what type of tinctures, oils, in addition to marijuana products that they have. There are a ton of cannabis dispensaries in the city, but I still prefer visiting the one close to my home

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After reading more on weed, I was ready to try it

When my nurse proposed taking some new medication, I was a little worried that they would cause problems for my digestive in addition to abdominal issues. My nurse proposed taking a medication that would actually treat the problems that I was having. The person directed me to take reliable scientific information and use that to make a decision on taking medical marijuana as a drug. I was extremely satisfied to have all of my questions answered before I tried a foreign substance for the very first time. Of course I was praying that the people I was with in addition to myself would have extremely positive results. I spent the whole afternoon correctly doing medical research. The people I was with an addition to myself contacted the nurse and had all of the information sent straight to the PC. The people I was with in addition to myself absolutely prayed for some positive results. We were doing a lot of correct medical research and the nurse called myself in addition to a few others so that we could discuss the difference Deluge of false and also misleading information. Cannabis plants can take a long time to dry in addition to cure. Cannabis plants are much better than alcohol and they have no physical addiction like nicotine or even caffeine. I found an online blog that helps explain the process of cannabis and how it is helpful for medical reasons. The people I was with an addition to myself learned a lot of information while researching online. By the time we went back to the doctor, every one of us we’re ready to discuss medical cannabis and the ways that it could help us feel better.


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Blue dream used to be my total fave strain

The people I was with in addition to myself have a propensity for feeling anxious.

It is part of a biological generation that is filled with anxiety in addition to mental health problems.

Many different people inside of my family have actually taken to alcoholism to self-medicate. There are chances these days that many people will need to help. The people I was with in addition to myself got lots of therapy for chronic anxiety. With help from a fantastic therapist, the people I was with were an addition to myself or easily determined to experience less anxiety. One thing that has really been helpful is going to therapy. I’ve gone to therapy and the people I was with an addition to myself feel. It absolutely helps our clinic anxiety. The people I was with in addition to myself have had lots of weed flavors and different strains. There are many marijuana strains that easily don’t affect me, but having access to a dispensary is helpful. The people I was with in addition to myself used to enjoy a variety of Blue Dream strains. After the last time we had a blue dream strain, the people I was with an addition to myself will no longer try that. It is far too much anxiety and really didn’t help remove their problems I was having. Even though blue dream has always been my favorite, it was easy to say no after the terrible ordeal last time I used that one. There is proof that everything in nature has healing properties.

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I like to unwind after a long day of work

It’s exhausting to spend a lot of currency when you don’t have it, so the people I was with in addition to myself are very happy that we don’t have to worry about the income and money that we spend at the cannabis shop

The people I was with in addition to myself have had our hours cut a lot. It has been difficult to improve our life while we are comfortable with these quotas and it doesn’t increase customers. Additional minutes have made it very difficult for the people I was with an addition to myself to remain financially stable. It’s a good thing that the people I was with in addition to myself work hard to pay off student and credit card debt, because now there is a lot of money and time for tasks and hobbies such as door rollerblading, kayaking, in addition to photography. The disposable income is also nice when I go to the cannabis dispensary. After a long day at work, the people I was with in addition to myself stop at the marijuana dispensary in addition to picking up high-quality marijuana flower. High-quality marijuana flower is a little bit more expensive than other Stratton, but it carries percentages of THC over 90%. Many of these high-quality THC products are top shelf. The people I was with an addition to myself often get cannabis distillate oil, live resin, or cannabis concentrate. It’s exhausting to spend a lot of currency when you don’t have it, so the people I was with in addition to myself are very happy that we don’t have to worry about the income and money that we spend at the cannabis shop. Each and every one of us like to unwind after a long day of work in addition to this is one of the best ways.

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