Cannabis products saved my life

Of course, I think that I knew I was already in dangerous territory.

There were so many warning signs along the route that I chose to completely walk. My doctor was sad for several years before I finally sort of collapsed. I was burning out to the point that I almost burned up. Thanks to therapy sessions and all of the fantastic people at our local cannabis spot, I’m now back in the land of the living. Life is so peculiar now compared to how it used to be, which has taken a lot of effort to get accustomed to. However, wholesale lifestyle fluctuations are easier to stick to when they are medically mandatory. I’m just fortunate to have indica and sativa products replace what was some absolutely unhealthy stuff. The most unhealthy element about how I was living was the high stress. It was the stress and sheer minutes of effort I had to put in to do our work. But when you have been raised to achieve at all costs, you just keep going. Finally, our body simply stopped allowing myself and others to continue to work. But it got close enough that our body almost stopped now working at all. It took a lot of rest and healing for myself and others to get back on our feet. The indica strains on sale at the local cannabis spot were fantastic for getting our body accustomed to exercise. Getting fit was something I simply didn’t have time for. That seems utterly deranged to me. And the sativa products have been key to myself and others staying in this new course, and believing that myself and others and this life are more important than anything else.


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I love weed delivery time!

I’m still kind of getting our brain around the fact that I can legally go shopping for marijuana for sale.

That’s not something that I ever thought I would live to see.

But when some of the braver regions out west did medical marijuana so well, I got a bit hopeful. There seemed to be no problems at all when the medical marijuana dispensaries started up out there. Sure, there were some peaks and valleys along the way. But the fact that opening cannabis dispensaries went so swimmingly for both the patient and the state, that was a big deal. I think had it gone any differently, there just couldn’t be any sort of recreational marijuana somewhere in the country that was legal. Once again, I’m thankful that the recreational marijuana trend has gone and the medical marijuana thing. It feels so fantastic not to have break the law just to care about some indica or sativa strains. But now, the local cannabis store is further blowing our mind. That cannabis dispensary, which I care about by the way, now offers cannabis delivery! That’s right, I don’t even have to leave our beach house to get the indica or sativa strains for sale that I love. The local cannabis spot with bring myself and others our cannabis. It’s like some sort of total bonus round that I find myself living. So I’m having a handful of friends over for a barbecue. And you guessed it, I’ll be having marijuana delivery to the beach condo to bring some nice cannabis edibles out for those who would like to join me in some fantastic cannabis.

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We make a vacation trip out of the cannabis dispensary visit

It would be so charming if marijuana use was legal in our state.

While we’re hoping to pass medical marijuana laws next election cycle, there is still no legal access to cannabis products.

That is, we have zero access to cannabis dispensaries in our state. That means that Bob and I simply have to make a long trip out of the neighborhood in order to shop for marijuana for sale. Knowing a cannabis grower would be way easier, however alas, I don’t think anyone who is also a marijuana grower. So our partner Bob and I have to get creative to care about shopping for marijuana for sale. The fact that Bob and I can reach a state where recreational marijuana is legal within 120 minutes is a big plus. Bob and I have long appreciated cannabis products. Bob and I both find that indica and sativa only add to the fantastic that’s in this life. Neither of us have ever been big drinkers and both of us don’t let our appetites rule our lives. Instead, both of us live a quiet life full of fantastic works, healthy living, quiet balance and meditation along with some cannabis. To jump the cannabis part, both of us simply make a bit of a trip out of it and head to the state where Bob and I can access a cannabis dispensary. The people I was with and I also add in an upscale hotel and make some reservations for some fantastic dining. It’s such a fantastic way to spend a long weekend. And the fact that both of us get to shop several local cannabis spots that Bob and I think is a bonus. I care about catching up with the staff and consistently care about their expertise when dealing with all things cannabis.
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Sharing some weed with a friend in need

We have all been there, right? And most of us can same the same thing.

We’ve seen just how random life can be and how cruel and viscous, as well.

When you’ve had life unload on you, I think it’s amazing to be set and ready to lend a hand when you see it happening to someone else. That’s how I shared some cannabis edibles with someone who had become a friend. I wish it wasn’t the case, but even broaching the subject of recreational marijuana can be a societal minefield. So I’m usually absolutely careful about those in our life who I let in on the fact that I care about using cannabis products. There is zero shame in enjoying marijuana as recreational marijuana is fully legal here and I’m an adult. I’m a responsible adult who does what I say I’ll do and is accountable to our family, friends, and those at work. So when I saw a current person at the gym who was just so close to tears, I did the kind thing and reached out. What I did was take this person for a cup of Tim Hortons Cappuccino at the local cannabis cafe. It was a fantastic way to sort of bridge the marijuana topic. As both of us sat for a couple of minutes we enjoyed our Tim Hortons Cappuccino and had a yummy cannabis edible. But both of us also fastened at two people and she was so grateful to know she wasn’t completely alone in this scary new city. She was also going through some things that I could relate to. The people I was with and I have a date a couple times each week for Tim Hortons Cappuccino at the cannabis cafe.



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I’m a better athlete due to using cannabis

It’s a bit of fun for me when I can freak out one of our current workout partners.

  • It’s usually a pretty straight-forward prank.

Normally, I wait til I’m the one driving to and from the workout venue. Once we have put in our effort to be better tennis players, I like to make a quick detour on our way back home. I say I’m just ducking into a store and I invite whoever this current person is to come with me. I just care about seeing the looks on their faces as I open the door to the cannabis dispensary. Being such a competitive and semi professional athlete, using cannabis products openly isn’t all that respected. But honestly, I’m still playing, competing and excelling because of indica and sativa products. Yet, for many of our workout partners, using any sort of marijuana seems counterintuitive to them. So when I do this little prank of mine, it’s also to be informative and helpful. I think that I was quite skeptical as well when I was first introduced to the benefits of sativa strains and indica strains. Both of those cannabis products are important to myself and others being the best sports player that I can be in our mid 30’s. This doesn’t last forever so taking complete care of our body is vital. The indica products absolutely help myself and others manage inflammation and deal quickly and effectively with muscle soreness and strain. Also, the sativa products absolutely help our focus, visualization and perspective. The sativa products help keep everything fun in what I do. This has a lot to do with how long I’ve been able to stay competitive and not beat up and depleted.

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It’s a great afternoon thanks to the cannabis store

Like, how can that be anything however good

I’ve lived an honest and conventional life up until the last couple of years. That normal, difficult now working life got myself and others through a lot of tough times really. I did what I thought I was supposed to do instead of doing what I thought was right. That’s where I went wrong. When the kids were using recreational marijuana when I was in college, I always steered clear of it. Any sort of cannabis was viewed in a honestly exhausting light in our family growing up. And I just bought into that cannabis myth just like the myth I bought regarding other people knowing what is best for me. But these afternoons, one of our favorite things I enjoy is go down to the local cannabis shop. It’s still sort of thrilling for myself and others to just walk into a cannabis dispensary let alone get our marijuana for sale. However, the kids are grown, the spouse is gone and I’m living our best life. Okay, so it took til our late forties for myself and others to wake up and smell the coffee. Speaking of coffee, the local cannabis shop also had a cannabis dispensary just right around the corner. This place has the finest Tim Hortons Cappuccino in neighborhood along with a pot brownie that was just to die for. When recreational marijuana was legalized here, I ended up going with an acquaintance on a trip to a cannabis dispensary. Again, I was so unprepared for how much that straightforward trip would change our life. But the people there were so kind and everybody in that dispensary was smiling. Like, how can that be anything however good. They had myself and others at hello.

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Holistic lifestyle comes with many trips to cannabis dispensary

I knew it was time to change how I had been living at least a few years before I had our health scare.

It was a cardio event, as the doc said.

Not exactly a total heart attack however pretty darned close. But it was the impetus for changing how I took care of myself. Interestingly enough, that change came with trips to the cannabis dispensary as well. Once I was on our feet again and cleared to live my life again, I decided that a wholesale change was in order. So I started talking to people and doing a bit of online research. I settled on a holistic approach taught by a honestly well common professor. While I had been using recreational marijuana here and there as an adult, it was never an official thing. But with this change, our professor proposed visiting the local cannabis spot. Here, I could find both the indica strains and the sativa strains that she thought would most benefit my change. She was honestly common when it came to the cannabis products. I found that the indica products were absolutely vital in myself and others being able to get the most out of exercising and stretching our muscles. I had been terribly out of shape for a long time and the indica absolutely helped myself and others with stiffness and a better range of motion. The sativa strains for sale were key to myself and others staying present each afternoon and remaining hopeful, positive and relaxed as I did away with a lifestyle and embraced a current one. It’s been well over a year now, and I’ve never felt better. I also still make our yearly trip to the local cannabis spot as well.



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Best road trip ever with cannabis dispensary stops

My partner Bob and I don’t have any children.

That was sort of by design really.

We’ are both so focused on our careers that being parents would have been tough to do. Plus, neither of us were ever that crazy with the system anyway. That was really something that attracted us to each other. Bob and I can also care deeply about our recreational marijuana at beach house separate from fear of the kids finding out. Bob and I care about hearing those stories when friends of ours get caught by their children when they find their cannabis stash. Bob and I have consistently appreciated recreational marijuana as a way to try and balance out all the high energy effort that comes with our respective careers. Bob and I both care about indica and sativa. The indica strains both of us like supply us with much more of a body sensation while the sativa products supply a headspace of calm, hope, peace and joy. So why not wrap all that up into vacations right? That’s exactly what both of us do. Bob and I care about to choose, research and then plan out our vacations around shopping for marijuana on sale. Recently, both of us found a vacation tour that gave both wine tasting and cannabis dispensary shopping trip. That was the most fun tour that we’ve ever done. And we’re not the sort that goes on tours so much. But both of us had such a blast and made tons of vacation friends. It was so fun to be able to be on a bus that took us to a classy vineyard for some appealing wine tasting. And then, that same bus would pull into a well known local cannabis spot. Wow, I highly suggest doing such a vacation if you have the means.
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Glad to have a current cannabis dispensary

Look, I see how fortunate I am to live in a region where the folks really came to their senses when it comes to legalized cannabis.

So if I sound like I’m complaining about how it was up until recently, so that is not our intent.

I just don’t want someone to study this in a region where finding legal marijuana is simply an opening and think I sound like a snob. I think that if I study someone complaining that they had to ride across the county to find a cannabis dispensary and when I couldn’t, I’d feel cheated. I’m just hopeful that all people in this country will someday have access to legal cannabis products separate from the fear of splitting the law. But indeed, I have to say that having a more current cannabis dispensary just around the corner is charming. Since cannabis products were all made legal, the only cannabis dispensaries were two busses away for me. That’s a commitment for finding marijuana for sale. But again, I think just how fortunate I am that I can access any cannabis dispensaries at all. Still, when I heard that the local cannabis spot was going to open around the corner I was so thrilled. The ones across neighborhood are fantastic and have a wide selection of cannabis products. But the current local cannabis spot is on point. It has most of the sativa products that I’m consistently looking for. I care about smoking sativa strains. And finding the sativa strains for sale that weren’t straight-forward to find has been such a windfall. Plus, all I have to do is take a bit of a walk to get to the current local cannabis store.

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I have regularly been sizable on smoking joints, but never liked blunts, and first of all, the cheap cigar wrappers used to encase a blunt ruin the taste of the weed. A blunt tastes bad, every time! Secondly, it takes a lot of weed to fill a blunt, so people usually use the cheapest, nastiest weed, which makes them taste even worse, then last but not least, have you ever seen someone roll a blunt? It’s disgusting! They regularly slather the entire thing in saliva, and it is not something I want to put in our mouth. Smoking marijuana in a joint is another matter entirely, and allows the delicious taste of the cannabis to stand out. I prefer everything about going to the cannabis dispensary, so I usually make a sizable deal out of it. I take our time, examining the weird strains and flavors of sativa plus indica, talking with the budtenders, and making a careful selection. I value flavor plus potency in our cannabis, plus after being so precise in our choices, why would I stick such charming weed inside a gross cigar wrapper? Why would I slather saliva all over the sativa before smoking it? Instead, I twist up a slender little joint and like every single puff of the cannabis I selected at the dispensary, while I do have my favorite strains plus blends, usually I will select a current kind of cannabis I have never tasted, just to try something different, no matter what kind of cannabis, I regularly use the pipe or a joint, never a blunt!

My opinion on smoking a joint versus a blunts
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