Both of us dumped all of our cannabis in the creek

I guess this is sort of a funny story, although it was not at all funny to us at the time, however my friends & I got a couple of long canoes, some tents, & an entire weekend’s worth of supplies and drugs to go camping out in the middle of the woods! Both of us would take a series of small creeks & streams out deep into the thicket, near 1 of the numerous nearby lakes, & spend the weekend getting high and communing with nature.

  • Along the way there, 1 of the canoes turned over, thoroughly soaking the supply of hallucinogens & also our cannabis; Without our two main get together favors, this weekend was now looking pretty grim, & although every one of us recovered some of the cannabis, it was soaking wet & unable to be smoked.

All of us had prescription cards for the medical cannabis dispensary, so every one of us could buy as much pot as every one of us wanted, however that didn’t help us out in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully every one of us had our pal Edward there, & since Edward doesn’t have a linkion for medical cannabis, he is an expert at reuse & recovery of weed, everyone else focused on getting to the camp site & setting up, however Edward focused on trying to recover as much cannabis as he could. That first evening was pretty rough, however halfway into the following morning Edward used the natural heat of the sun to cure & dry some of the cannabis. By the time every one of us decided to go back home, Edward had managed to dry out almost all of the cannabis, & every one of us enjoyed smoking every last bit of it. So overall the trip was a success.

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