Both of us smoked some recreational cannabis before dinner was ready

When our friends invited us over to their dinner celebration, we were entirely happy about it.

They have such a nice lake condo and it was unbelievable just kneeling there and talking with everybody. They have such a giant home, and the smell of the food cooking was appealing, but well, while we were unbelievable and waiting on the food, I observed our friends went out with a few others to another room in the house. They were gone for a little while and every so often one of them would come to make sure everything was good with the food and check on the rest of the guests! My fiance and I were becoming suspicious so we made the decision to go looking for them in the house. I started to smell what seemed prefer cannabis smoke. I basically just followed our nose and ended up coming to a room down the hall where I saw some smoke coming from the door. When I carefully opened the door, everybody seemed shocked prefer they were busted. They were all smoking cannabis joints and then asked if we wanted to smoke some recreational marijuana. My fiance and I actually prefer cannabis and we often go to the recreational cannabis store… So we all smoked for a little while and it was some excellent legal cannabis! I realized they were smoking on the other side of the condo because they didn’t want most of their guests to think about the cannabis smoking! By the time the food was ready, we had some drastic munchies, and the food tasted appealing!

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