Cannabis cafe makes me smile the most

So I’ve never really been a regular at most of the coffee houses in my city.

  • Honestly, most of them are full of some of the most pretentious people I have ever had to be around.

On top of that, I really didn’t enjoy spending nearly 10 bucks for a large coffee. This all sort of kept me from the cafe scene although I longed to get a taste of the cafe life I saw in the movies. Well, I found it or as close as I’m going to get without a trans atlantic flight. And I get to have a yummy cannabis edible with my reasonably priced large coffee. The local cannabis spot has done something so cool and yet so utterly unexpected. I don’t know how they kept it a secret as I’m in that cannabis dispensary at lease once a week. But those awesome people expanded their marijuana business by opening a cannabis cafe. It’s situated in a perfect sunny spot with plenty of trees and on the end of a quiet street. Actually, I think the cannabis cafe is located where another coffee house failed. So we’re getting the good coffee but with some of the best pot brownies I’ve ever put in my mouth. My work is so demanding and I feel like stress is just an ever present monster on my shoulders. So there are times when a smile is just so very essential to my mental health. Well, I get so many smiles and laughter and pure joy when I’m at the cannabis cafe. And that’s even if I get my cannabis edible to go. There is just something so wonderful about the cannabis cafe that it’s a guaranteed smile fest every time I walk in there.

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