Cannabis for PTSD treatment

When my friend Bob joined the army, I knew it was a horrible idea.

He is a sensitive type of guy and already had slight troubles with depression.

When my friend came back from the armed forces, he was a total mess. Bob has bad PTSD and bad anxiety. The dark, noise and crowds of people are triggers for him. Most people talked about taking him to a doctor and getting him a prescription. My friend has been known to abuse particular things in life. I did not want to provide him pills that he could possibly overdose with. I then started googling online what to do about anxiety and PTSD. I found that medical cannabis seems to be the thing that could help him. Medical marijuana has been known to stop the stress associated with PTSD and reduce anxiety significantly. After getting Bob a medical marijuana card, going into a dispensary was interesting. Bob and I did not know what to expect. The cannabis dispensary was honestly high end and had so many products to pick from. There were cannabis flowers, oils and edibles. Bob andI found all sorts of odd smoking devices. There were rolling papers, hand pipes, water pipes and bongs. The budtender at the dispensary was super knowledgeable and knew exactly what Bob needed. Now that he is relying on medical marijuana, our buddy is feeling so much better. He can sleep easier at night. Loud sounds don’t have him jumping off the walls. He also has been able to socialize.


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