Cannabis has genuinely helped to improve my life

I’ve only had two different speeds all of my life.

I’m either wide open or I’m stopped altogether.

And if I happen to be stopped, I’m either eating or I’m trying to catch some sleep in my bed. The rest of the time, the motor has just run and run without quitting. While there are benefits to having that sort of outwardly boundless energy, there are definite drawbacks as well. Now that I’m using all sorts of interesting cannabis products, I’m learning all about the unique satisfaction of truly enjoying the moment. I’m no expert at all at it yet although I sure care about what I see these days now that I’m getting the sativa strains for sale at my local weed shop. The greatest thing about being so on and driven all the time is that I’m expending so much energy for possible future benefit. That didn’t leave a huge amount of time for being right here and right now. I was also afraid of feeling whatever it was that I happened to be feeling. That could slow me down a bit too much. Well, the first time I tried the sativa products I got from the recreational weed shop, I noticed a fairly huge difference. Actually, notice is the best word. Suddenly, I had a perspective that I really hadn’t had prior to that moment with the sativa. I was just so aware of how wonderful the park was and the sun and the warmth that was pouring on my face. It was all so pleasant and I just wanted to be still inside it for a bit. That’s a genuinely large change for me. Yea, I really care about the benefits of the cannabis products I’m using and what’s more, I’m liking myself and my life so much more these days.

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