Cannabis isn’t as bad as he thinks

My boyfriend came from a very strict, conservative household.

There are certain things that he just won’t open his mind to at all.

One of them is cannabis. I have explained that cannabis isn’t a gateway drug like we all thought. Cannabis is a plant that does a lot of good. Thousands of people are relying on medical marijuana for a variety of illnesses. You can treat chronic pain, nausea with chemotherapy, seizures, Parkinson’s, MS symptoms and a whole list of issues with it. On a smaller scale people with PTSD, depression, anxiety and even sleep issues find relief relying on weed. It isn’t something that is going to kill you, you are going to be helped by it. Recreational cannabis isn’t even the enemy either. You can’t overdose on weed or become addicted to it like alcohol. It is a much safer party substance than boozing the night away. My boyfriend will not budge on his beliefs though. I am a medical marijuana user and I do hide it from him. It is pretty easy though since he is uneducated on it and my vape is so discreet. I vape cannabis oil in the bathroom before I get ready for work. I vape on my lunch break and I vape before bed while I walk the dog. You don’t smell the weed on my clothing and the vape fits in my pocket. It is very easy to keep it from him. I shouldn’t have to though since marijuana isn’t the bad guy here.

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