Cannabis options

My daughter, and olivia, was just three weeks old when she had her first seizure.  It lasted for almost fifteen minutes, plus my wife plus I rushed her to the hospital. The nurses did a full work-up, found nothing wrong plus sent us home. Olivia had another seizure a month later, and this one was even longer. Over the next few weeks, Olivia suffered frequent seizures which lasted between many and four hours. She was repeatedly hospitalized, but her blood tests and scans continued to come back pretty normal. My wife and I were told she would grow out of it, but the complication simply got worse.  At that point in time, Olivia was still developing normally, but the medications plus seizures began to have an impact. My wife and I were running out of possibilities and beyond desperate when the use of medical marijuana was approved in our state. The average age of a patient in the medical marijuana program is over fifty years old. By the time she was three, our kid had lost the ability to walk, talk or eat and was having approximately fifteen grand seizures a week. Her heart had quit a number of times. We Had tired all treatment options.  Every one of us decided to give medical marijuana a try, but had trouble finding nurses to sign off on the treatment. My wife and I refused to give up, plus eventually managed to put Olivia on a small dose of cannabis oil. The results were downright amazing. My kid was seizure-free for an entire week. She now receives a dose of cannabis oil twice per day in her food. Only three milligrams per pound of her body weight stopped her seizures. Olivia is currently six-years-old, plus doing so much better. She is walking plus can even ride a bike. She feeds herself, and is beginning to talk.  My wife plus I never imagined every one of us would ever hear our kid laugh, but the medical marijuana has given us a miracle.

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