Cannabis politics

When I began experiencing sharp pains, right near my ribs, on the left side of the body, I thought it was caused by an intense workout.  I didn’t worry about it until various afternoons went by plus the pain failed to lessen. I worry that the condition might be more severe plus sought diagnosis.  I was told I was suffering from lung cancer, and that the cancer had entered by lymph nodes plus the outer lining of my stomach. I was given various to nine weeks to live.  I begged my doctors to start radiation or chemotherapy, in hopes of improving my condition. The doctors informed me that these were not viable options for someone with phase multiple lung cancer and would only make me throw up! I was urged to return to my family and enjoy the rest of my life.  My medical scans revealed the presence of a massive tumor in my left lung plus numerous cancerous lymph nodes in my chest plus neck. After a few weeks of doing nothing, I harassed my doctors until they began chemotherapy treatment. About week later, I was hoping for wonderful news, but diagnosed positive for an EGFR mutation, which meant the end of chemotherapy treatments. At that point, I had given up all hope and was feeling alright to my fate.  My kid looked for help on the internet plus started studying testimonials from cancer patients who’d had success with cannabis oil. I began taking a small dose orally various times a day. I gradually upped the dosage plus paired the cannabis oil with an alkalizing, clean-eating diet. Within a few more weeks, the tumor had shrunk to half the size plus my lymph nodes were back to normal size The fluid surrounding my heart had gone away. After several weeks of cannabis oil treatment, my scans came back truly cancer free. My family members and oncologist were shocked.  It’s now been over a year, plus I remain cancer-free. I am totally convinced that the cannabis oil saved my life. There is no other way to explain my abrupt recovery.

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