Cannabis products saved my life

Of course, I think that I knew I was already in dangerous territory.

There were so many warning signs along the route that I chose to completely walk. My doctor was sad for several years before I finally sort of collapsed. I was burning out to the point that I almost burned up. Thanks to therapy sessions and all of the fantastic people at our local cannabis spot, I’m now back in the land of the living. Life is so peculiar now compared to how it used to be, which has taken a lot of effort to get accustomed to. However, wholesale lifestyle fluctuations are easier to stick to when they are medically mandatory. I’m just fortunate to have indica and sativa products replace what was some absolutely unhealthy stuff. The most unhealthy element about how I was living was the high stress. It was the stress and sheer minutes of effort I had to put in to do our work. But when you have been raised to achieve at all costs, you just keep going. Finally, our body simply stopped allowing myself and others to continue to work. But it got close enough that our body almost stopped now working at all. It took a lot of rest and healing for myself and others to get back on our feet. The indica strains on sale at the local cannabis spot were fantastic for getting our body accustomed to exercise. Getting fit was something I simply didn’t have time for. That seems utterly deranged to me. And the sativa products have been key to myself and others staying in this new course, and believing that myself and others and this life are more important than anything else.


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