Celebrating the legalization of marijuana

It was a long and painfully slow process to finally achieve legalization.

  • That’s how things work in this country, that is how the system is designed.

Consider the country like a cruise ship, so to change its course takes a while. It’s not like a car, where you can make adjustments quickly, it takes years before any change is noticeable. That’s what happened with legalization, but it’s here now, so I’m happy with it. The first day cannabis was made legal I sat on the front porch with my largest water bong and did rips all afternoon. For the record, I am 67 years old, and it was the first time in my life I could proudly smoke cannabis, something I have been doing for about fifty years. Isn’t it ludicrous to think that a person like myself, with no criminal record, was an active lawbreaker for that many years, simply because I enjoyed the recreational and medical qualities of cannabis? Now that there were no prosecutorial laws for the possession or use of marijuana, I was loud and proud about my smoking. I would back up a pipe when I went for a roll around the neighborhood in my wheelchair, puffing Purple Haze the whole way. Some people didn’t like it, but the teens all thought I was a bad ass old man for blazing that chronic cannabis in full public. I am glad for myself, but also that those teens I talk to won’t have to worry about spending years in jail just because they want to toke a little marijuana.

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