Delivery has been boosting sales in a major way

Before the advent of the Covid19 virus, I worked for a contractor that did not deliver.

I am a licensed budtender that works in a small recreational marijunana dispensary.

I’ve been here for the past numerous years, and over that time, we have never had delivery as an option to our customers. Most of the marijuana dispensaries in this state have never offered delivery. Of course, this dang coronavirus has changed a lot of things about the way we work plus live. Many people are working out of the house instead of inside an office. Major food distributors plus liquor stores now offer delivery due to the quarantine. I can order $100 worth of groceries from the store plus they gldy plus happily deliver them for no charge. Cannabis sales have spiked ever since we started offering free delivery. All of us never gave free delivery services until the virus impacted our business. All of us had to close up all the doors plus keep the lobby locked. Our only option was to offer delivery. All of us hired a few drivers to work while in the morning plus an additional more than four drivers to work at night. The public’s response to marijuana delivery has been incredible, however sales are through the roof on all of the edibles, tinctures, plus flowers. Even distillate syringes are flying off the shelves. Our weekly sales have tripled since the outset of Coronavirus plus the free delivery option. Some dealers have been struggling, but this dispensary is seeing a sizable increase in business. Even when the virus is no longer a threat, I cannot imagine how the owner of this dispensary would stop delivering. It’s clear that offering this service is boosting our sales in a pretty major way.

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