Dipping into my cannabis savings account

I have to say that life has been going pretty well lately… or it had been, anyway, until last week. To me work was great, I enjoyed what I did and hadn’t made any major errors I was aware of. Then the hammer dropped, and during a staff meeting the boss said that more layoffs were coming, due to the resurgence of the pandemic cutting into our sales. They started with the newest hires, so after only eight months I was let go. This one really hurts, because good jobs are hard to find, and this company had a medical insurance program that covered my medicinal cannabis prescription. There was a co-pay at the cannabis dispensary, of course, but still that was a fraction of the overall price. I knew a good thing when I had it, so every time I went to the cannabis dispensary I got the maximum amount allowed by the prescription. This was way, way more cannabis then I could possibly smoke in that time frame, but I kept buying it just to have it, just in case. I got a huge mason jar, with a special lid that worked with my vacuum sealer, and started keeping my excess cannabis inside it. I called it my savings account, and over the course of three months I accumulated about six ounces of cannabis. At the rate I smoke, I figure this is enough cannabis to last me for three more months, maybe a little longer if I smoke a little less. I don’t have any money saved up, but at least I have cannabis.


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