Former athlete turns cannabis expert

I was never a top level premiere athlete, and I never had any hopes of turning pro, however for my younger days I relied on my body to get where I wanted to go in life; I started playing high school varsity football because of my large size & strength, however I wanted to learn agriculture & botany, but football got myself and others into a good school & also paid for most of my studies, something that I never could have afforded on my own, so I was religious about my health & fitness.

All through high school & school I never consumed alcohol, I never smoked cigarettes or cannabis, because I wanted to remain in the best shape for football, once football was behind me, & I was out in the world love any other person, I instantly put my botany degree in starting a cannabis grow room in my garage.

Of course I really wanted to smoke cannabis, who doesn’t want to do that? But moreover I wanted to better learn all of the scientific & medicinal properties of the many cannabis strains. At the time, medical cannabis was not legal in numerous states, but I knew this was a growth industry & I wanted to get in on it early, then thanks to my early studies in my attic, it didn’t take long to get funding from a major chain of cannabis dispensaries that wanted my depth of knowledge. Although every one of us all knew that eventually recreational marijuana use would be legalized, and that might take years, & the medical applications of cannabis would generate profits a lot more quickly. I like my work, & will regularly be thankful for athletics for getting myself and others here.


Blue dream