From the hardwood court to the marijuana dispensary

Without the edge of athletics I would not have been able to go to school.

I might have afforded a trade school, & that wouldn’t have been so bad, however getting a 4 year university degree was (and still is) prohibitively high-priced for all the people I know.

I was a killer on the volleyball court, & won three championships at my high school, so I was able to secure a full 4 year athletic scholarship. I wanted to get a degree in botany, & to do that I needed to keep in shape & keep delivering wins on the court. The team won 2 championships in 4 years, & were school heroes! Immediately after graduating I stopped playing volleyball altogether & started growing medical cannabis, which had been the goal of my system right from the outset, but you need to remember that this was a few years ago & outside of CO & OR there were not many arenas cool with legalizing cannabis. I saw the writing on the wall, & knew the demand for medical cannabis would take a huge spike in the near future, so I got in on the ground floor. Medical grade cannabis has rigid standards which need to be followed, so I grew odd strains in a makeshift lab, to make clones for growing somewhere else. The same hard task ethic I used on the courts & in the classroom carried over to my botany studies. Within more than two years I was leveraging my certain & powerful cannabis blends into a minority ownership position with a major chain of cannabis dispensaries! My future lies in medical cannabis, & I have to say that the future looks bright.