Fun time at dispensary

Ever since I was a little girl, I would spend the first Wednesday of each month with my Nina, she used to take me swimming, bowling, out to eat or to the zoo but now that I am an adult, she occasionally likes to do more adult centered activities.

She’s absolutely not all into Bingo or the arts, she prefers more “energetic” activities like the casino to gamble or football practice to watch the “men in tights”… Nina is not the traditional, stay condo plus bake cookies Grandmother.

So, I absolutely shouldn’t have been surprised yesterday when she decided that the people I was with and I were going to drive in the city plus check out this big marijuana dispensary, then i couldn’t assume my eyes! It almost reminded me of an expensive Vegas hotel lobby, but the marijuana dispensary was cheerily lit plus had a fun atmosphere. It gave a wide variety of strains, tinctures, edibles, topicals plus things I didn’t think but was too sad to ask. It gave a coffee bar plus a lounge section with free wireless, my little ancient grey haired Grandmother acted like she was a correct client of marijuana dispensaries, casually looking at this plus that as I nervously looked on. She even bought a few items. I was stunned! Never in my life did I see my Grandmother in a marijuana dispensary buying marijuana products. Never in my life did I see myself in a marijuana dispensary buying marijuana products, however I just had to try the gummies. My time with Nina is almost regularly an adventure, plus going to see the marijuana dispensary was at the top of my list of fun things I enjoy with Nina.

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