Getting cannabis delivered

To this date, there are 13 states that allow recreational marijuana use, and many of those states are on the west coast, with some scattered on the east as well… Recreational marijuana is legal for adults over the age of eighteen in these states, however you must show proof of ID and most sites will register your driver’s’ license. Recreational marijuana has been legal in our state for 5 years, however the bunch of us have hundreds of recreational marijuana dispensaries located in various places in our state. Each one of these marijuana dispensaries are licensed by the state and subject to state laws and regulations. While going through the early years of legalization, every one of us have put millions of dollars into schools, better roads, and government programs. Recreational marijuana carries a really high tax, and that cash goes right into government-funded programs. In the midterm elections the other year, a few States had medical and recreational marijuana on the ballot. I’m totally glad to see that every one of those states have decided to enact recreational marijuana laws. These laws were passed by a large majority of the popular vote.These states will put our total at 16, which is less than half of the states in our Union. I’m just happy that people are starting to sit up and speak out against these ridiculous prohibition laws. It’s absolutely nuts for marijuana to be illegal, while so many people are dying from opioid overdoses all of the time. Studies from the leading experts show that marijuana has a ton of medical benefits. The bunch of us have actually important problems to be solved in our country. Making marijuana more difficult to access, should not be one of those priorities in this country.

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