How medical marijuana works

I’ve been living in the city for about two years. Last election, we legalized medical and recreational marijuana. Since the law passed, we haven’t seen a single medical marijuana dispensary in town. Everyone thought they would pop up all over the place, but people are still afraid. Even though the state laws allow medical marijuana dispensaries, the federal government can still cause a great deal of trouble. My friends and I have been patiently waiting for the first cannabis supply chains to open. Last Saturday night, I was out shopping for a new car. Across the street from the Chevy dealership, I spied the first marijuana dispensary in our town. They had a huge green sign on the door that said we are open. I went over to the store, and the parking lot was full of cars and trucks. Inside the marijuana dispensary. I found twenty or thirty people. Most of them were customers, and some of them were working in the marijuana dispensary. They were answering questions, and letting people smell different strains and varieties of cannabis. They had a variety of cannabis strains, including OG Kush, White Widow, and Girl Scout Cookies. I purchased a small package of Kush and a small package of White Widow. Each of these marijuana strains are high in THC, with long lasting effects. I purchased a few different edibles too, since my girlfriend prefers to ingest marijuana instead of smoking it. I hope we will start to see more and more medical dispensaries in our town. Since it is legal now, everyone should have easy access to marijuana and all CBD products.

orange kush