I always get the munchies after smoking pot

She didn’t stop until I agreed to go to the corner store to buy more Diet Coke

It doesn’t matter if I smoke an indica or a sativa, because the results are still the same. I always end up with a crazy case of the munchies after I smoke. I had the munchies on Friday night when my friends and I smoked marijuana before the football game. I ordered pizza and wings before the game and before I smoked the marijuana joint. After smoking, I was convinced that we needed to order Chinese food instead of pizza and wings. The guys still wanted pizza, so I made a second order and I paid for both of them. There was so much food in the house. I ate a little bit of everything and I enjoyed the pizza just as much as I enjoyed the egg foo young and sweet and sour chicken. When my girlfriend came home from Bingo, she joked about the amount of food we had in the house. She thought that I was feeding an army, but it was just my friends and I with a really bad case of the munchies. She didn’t really seem to care about all of the food until she realized that someone drank that rest of her Diet Coke. Then she got upset and she started complaining about everything. She didn’t stop until I agreed to go to the corner store to buy more Diet Coke. Since there was absolutely no way that I could drive, I walked. It was four miles to the store and four miles back. My girlfriend wasn’t even awake by the time I came back from the store with her favorite Cola.

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