I am healthier than my friends

It is rare if I get sick or have any sort of physical problems.

My friends are always complaining about sore joints, sleep issues or stress related to work. It is a constant cycle of someone going into the hospital or getting a surgery. For me, I am as healthy as a horse. I work out every single day. I like to ride my bike to the local soccer field and then I run wind sprints. I then do a good stretch at the end and ride home. I have cut out red meat, sugar and fat from my diet. I stick mainly to vegetables, fruits, chicken and rice. I don’t have any issues with heartburn, acid reflux or weight gain now. Another step to being healthy is that I rely on cannabis. I use a topical after all my workouts to prevent sore muscles. It is like having a more effective icy hot on hand. It doesn’t get me high, it just provides a tingling sensation on where I applied it to. I also vape cannabis oil right before bed. It calms me down and allows me to sleep at night. I do get a little high since the strain does have traces of THC in it. Wouldn’t you be high if you knew it would lead to a good night of sleep? My friends find it hilarious that I am nearly sixty and I smoke cannabis every night. I don’t have any issues with sleep and my stress levels are so low. I think I am the smart one. I have told all of them to get a medical weed card.

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