I can’t believe the speed they sell out of cannabis flowers

It can be terribly frustrating when a local store is totally out of stock of certain items you want or need.

There is this special type of honey that is harvested locally that tastes genuinely fantastic. The richness & depth of flavor are unlike any other honey that has hit my taste buds to this date. I truly wish there were more stores carrying this amazing honey, because the only way you can buy it is through a farm supply store that happens to be contracted through the farmer & bee keeper who makes it. With how often this honey goes out of stock, I wish they would create a wait list. I honestly hate having to drive 10 miles there & back just to see if one single product happens to be available for purchase again after indefinite periods of time being out of stock. Unfortunately, I am running into the exact same drawback when I try to buy my cannabis products from the only marijuana dispensary that happens to be in our small town. I have no problem with getting my THC enriched vaporizer cartridges or my bubble hash regardless of what day I head to the dispensary. But if I am itching for flower buds like most people do, it’s a lot more challenging than you’d expect. The cannabis dispensary only restocks its inventory twice a week, with the exact day varying each and every week. Some weeks it is Sunday & Friday, other weeks they’ll restock on Friday & Saturday. Flower buds are pretty much always the first item to go out of stock, leaving a majority of people empty handed regularly. I finally had to get into this ritual where I make sure to have a look at their online menu right after waking up in the early morning to see if any products are in stock & ready for a pickup order. It took a lot, even though I can finally source my cannabis flower exactly how I always wanted.