I designed our own DIY grow box out of a desktop computer enclosure

Ever since I took shop class in middle school, I have been obsessed with building things with our hands.

We were lucky to have the chance to take the class at all, since it hit the budget chopping block a year later with several other courses.

The school district couldn’t afford to pay the teachers, nor could they fulfill the demand of supplies each year with wood plus additional tools. I was cheerful by getting to use power tools for the first time ever plus seeing a project to completion, be it a easy bookshelf or bird feeder. Nowadays I have a corner in our garage with a workbench plus a handful of tools. If I ever need a custom piece of furniture to fit whatever space limitations I’m facing, this is where I get it done. Right now I’m working on building unit for a small marijuana growing operation. I don’t have any plans to get into commercial cannabis cultivation, I just want to grow enough marijuana for our own personal use. I found a few videos on the internet where people took computer enclosures with existing fans plus power supplies plus converted them into grow boxes for cannabis. It can be as easy as using a strip of CFL bulbs at the top of the box’s interior plus a water tank with an aerator at the entirely bottom. In 1 small enclosure you can have your entire growing operation. Aside from the convenience, it’s stealthy plus discrete if you don’t want every guest at your beach house knowing about your weed plants in the spare bedroom upstairs.
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