I found a modern company that is primarily a legal marijuana product delivery service

I never thought I’d be working from apartment permanently at 30 years old.

  • I was miserable working out of a cubicle the past six years straight & I assumed that’s where I’d still be when I hit 60.

Aside from moving us into our homes to work remotely, we all earned marginal pay raises. Our morale as employees improved despite the relative madness going on outside, both in the stores & on the streets. To avoid as much of the insanity as possible while minimizing risk of exposure to whatever degree that I can, I have all but stopped shopping in person for both groceries & other essentials. Between Amazon Prime & Walmart next-day shipping, I can purchase whatever I need. If I need freezing products, I use insta-cart & have a delivery driver bring it to our house. This was problematic with marijuana because I had made a habit of going to see the dispensary every single week. When the pandemic hit & I stopped shopping in stores altogether, I was sad about our access to legal cannabis. Some of the dispensaries were offering apartment delivery at the time, but they all charged between $10 & $25 on every single order. I was so grateful when I found this other legal marijuana company that is primarily a marijuana product delivery service. They don’t have retail store locations—all of their supplier is done via delivery teams. Best of all, you aren’t charged for your delivery, no matter how small or large your order total is. They talk to you about whatever delivery dates are available & then they schedule a day & time, usually a day or 2 out from the time when you made the order.
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