I got a surprise delivery and I didn’t guess what was going on

I couldn’t suppose it when a package was delivered to me that had recreational cannabis inside! The guy who delivered me the goods said I was great to go and everything was paid for.

  • I didn’t guess what he was talking about and I was trying to remember if I had ordered anything! When I opened up the package and saw bizarre jars of recreational cannabis, I thought something was genuinely wrong.

I particularly didn’t order any recreational cannabis. I didn’t even guess of any legal cannabis stores near me. I was going to just call the number of the cannabis store to tell them there had been a mistake, but then I smelled some of the legal cannabis inside. I figured it couldn’t hurt to just sample some of the cannabis. There were rolling papers inside too, so I rolled up some of the cannabis and smoked it. The flavor of the cannabis was even better than the smell! Then the high that the cannabis gave me was something I never experienced before. I had smoked cannabis when I was younger, but it was completely different. The quality was really great and I legitimately appreciated this strain of legal marijuana. I looked at the name of the strain and it said ‘Girl Scout Cookies’. It had a chocolate mint flavor and while I wanted to return this cannabis to the cannabis store, I couldn’t help but smoke some more. I started to recognize guilty about smoking something that wasn’t mine, so I called up the cannabis store to return their legal marijuana. They apologized for the delivery mistake and told me I could keep the cannabis! I decided that I would be ordering cannabis from that cannabis store moving forward!

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