I had no system that my father loved to smoke cannabis

When I was visiting my father, he said he would be right back, but he was gone for quite some time as well as after that I went looking for him, however i couldn’t find him somewhere as well as after that I decided to go into his room, however that’s when I ran into a ton of smoke inside! For a minute I thought there might be a fire, but after that I realized that he was smoking.

He wasn’t smoking cigarettes either, there was a strong odor of cannabis.

He seemed to be a little bit embarrassed. I had no clue that he smoked cannabis, however he said he got it from the legal cannabis store. I actually wish he would have told me because I would have loved to smoke some cannabis with him. I was there waiting all that time while he was rolling up his legal cannabis as well as then smoking it. The least he could have done was offer me some legal cannabis to smoke with him. I ended up having to ask him, as well as he said that it would be just fine. He seemed surprised too because he didn’t believe that I liked to smoke cannabis. I actually had some cannabis I picked up the other day in my car, as well as because he was allowing me to smoke with him, I decided to get my cannabis that I got from the cannabis store as well. I rolled up a couple of joints as well as after that I just relaxed as well as smoked for a few minutes. The visit with my father was a big eye opener because I had no system that he loved to party love that. Turns out that we have that in common.


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