I have regularly been sizable on smoking joints, but never liked blunts, and first of all, the cheap cigar wrappers used to encase a blunt ruin the taste of the weed. A blunt tastes bad, every time! Secondly, it takes a lot of weed to fill a blunt, so people usually use the cheapest, nastiest weed, which makes them taste even worse, then last but not least, have you ever seen someone roll a blunt? It’s disgusting! They regularly slather the entire thing in saliva, and it is not something I want to put in our mouth. Smoking marijuana in a joint is another matter entirely, and allows the delicious taste of the cannabis to stand out. I prefer everything about going to the cannabis dispensary, so I usually make a sizable deal out of it. I take our time, examining the weird strains and flavors of sativa plus indica, talking with the budtenders, and making a careful selection. I value flavor plus potency in our cannabis, plus after being so precise in our choices, why would I stick such charming weed inside a gross cigar wrapper? Why would I slather saliva all over the sativa before smoking it? Instead, I twist up a slender little joint and like every single puff of the cannabis I selected at the dispensary, while I do have my favorite strains plus blends, usually I will select a current kind of cannabis I have never tasted, just to try something different, no matter what kind of cannabis, I regularly use the pipe or a joint, never a blunt!

My opinion on smoking a joint versus a blunts
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