I just need everyone on the same page

Last October, I was devastated when I was ran tests on with breast cancer.  I was determined to tackle this uphill battle with a positive attitude. Along with loads of pharmaceuticals, I’ve faced a double mastectomy, radiation therapy, breast reconstruction as well as chemotherapy.  The side effects have been very horrendous, and I’ve experienced major depression. About three months into my treatment, I was ready to just give up. A friend of mine then provided to get some medical marijuana for me to try. I was very eager to try anything as well as more than willing to break the law for the sake of relief. I have never been a recreational pot smoker, however the impact of the prescription medications and chemotherapy had me pretty much desperate.  I ate the marijuana as well as it worked. It relieves my constant nausea, allowing me to eat healthy. It also eliminates the anxiety, which lets me sleep better as well as believe more productive throughout the day. I never act high, but I particularly act more normal. I have the mental as well as physical strength to continue with chemotherapy. Medical marijuana has literally been a lifesaver for me. It’s hard for me to reconcile with the fact that I’m actually breaking the law when I’m simply protecting my overall health.  In the state where I live, people can legally smoke cigarettes, which have been proven to cause cancer. Yet I can’t legally acquire or consume medical marijuana which effectively treats our symptoms of cancer. Medical marijuana is totally legal in approximately half the states, as well as is safe, natural as well as affordable. I am super annoyed that in our lake house state politicians have taken it upon themselves to determine what’s sufficient in terms of health care. These decisions should be left up to patients as well as their doctors.  

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