I needed a job, they needed deliverers

Even in today’s age, I appreciate visiting our local library.

Aside from clearly having a big selection of blu-ray plus DVD films, I also love to get books from them from the math section.

I love studying a lot of old math books that have long since been out of print in the developed world. It’s also always nice having a quiet site to decompress plus learn for a few hours in peace. When they finally added a tiny coffee counter downstairs, I was in absolute heaven. Now I go to the nearby library twice a month whenever I have time away from work. After our hours were split because of corporate budget cuts, I suddenly had more time to spend at the library each day. At the same time, I desperately needed to find a part time task to easily make up for the lost income. I searched far plus wide, although I didn’t truly expect to find something so quickly when I was leaving the library 1 afternoon. There’s currently a legal recreational marijuan store that recently opened next door to the library. I personally have been there a few times since they opened plus I appreciate the selection of new cannabis products. But this unique afternoon I was simply walking by their beautiful storefront when I saw the hiring sign. I instantly went inside plus asked for an application for the position. They needed new drivers for their recently unveiled cabin delivery program. They even have their own vans plus you simply drive from 1 buyer to the next everyday delivering their delightful weed products. I was surprised when I was hired on the spot. Tomorrow is going to be our first afternoon as a recreational cannabis delivery driver.

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