I received a marijuana growing kit for my birthday this year

I always tell my family that I don’t want any presents on my birthday and would instead like to spend the day having run with one of my many hobbies.

I bought a drone last year with 4k quality cameras on it.

I have been having loads of fun flying it out on the edge of town where there are ample parks and no air traffic regulations for flying personal drones. The problem is that I don’t get to use my drone all that often since I’m married, have two children, and work full time at a bustling law firm. If I get an afternoon all to myself, it feels like a better gift than anything material that my family could purchase for me. Even though I still got a free day to fly my drone, my family still insisted on buying me something for my birthday this year. To my surprise, they ordered a marijuana growing kit off the internet so I can try growing cannabis for the first time ever. I use cannabis to treat my epilepsy so my wife and kids know how important it is to me as a medication. The issue is that insurance isn’t going to pay for marijuana, regardless of what health problems you’re facing. If I want to afford cannabis, I’m going to have to start farming it in any capacity that I can manage. With this marijuana growing kit, I can simply utilize a spare closet upstairs and retrofit it into a remote controlled growing operation. Of course I’ll only be growing four or five plants at once, but it’s plenty for my wife and I to enjoy together even when I’m not strictly using cannabis as a medication.

Marijuana growing