I smelled weed in the movie theater last night while watching a film

Although I gave up going to movie theaters during the pandemic, I’m slowly returning to my old habits.

It’s nice to sit down and watch a movie uninterrupted for an hour and a half to two hours, assuming you don’t get a louder than average theater. And since they’re trying to garner new business, the local theater has extended matinee times, which is something that my family and I made advantage of when I was a child. It was nice having a chance to see movies for as little as $2-$3 less per ticket. That’s where I saw many of the classic movies from my past, sometimes with my grandparents and other times with friends from school. Nowadays it’s a lot more money to visit the theater, and the rules regarding the seating and your expected conduct. You’re given a reserved seat ahead of time, and you’re expected to remain in it for the duration of the film short of bathroom breaks. It’s frustrating when there are people sitting in your seat when you arrive because they didn’t bother to look at their tickets ahead of time. The last time I was in the theater, a bunch of teenagers started smoking weed in the back row. Since I consume medical cannabis myself, I thought this was hilarious and nearly died trying to refrain from laughter. I think the older folks in the audience were confused about the hazy air and the herbal aroma that was quickly filling the room. If I was ballsy enough to risk getting caught, I guess I would have done the same thing at their age with cannabis.

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