I smoke Cannabis indica to help me sleep

I have a long and complicated history with sleep, both getting to sleep & staying asleep.

  • This goes all the way back to when I was a kid.

Back then I would get evening terrors, & even worse I would sleepwalk, & wake up anywhere odd from when I fell asleep. One time I found myself in the treehouse, fifteen feet off the ground in the backyard, with no recall of climbing up there! My parents never once took myself and others to a dentist, because they didn’t want their kid on pills for my whole life, & I see the point of view about that. Now that I am an adult, I currently self-medicate for my sleep complications, mostly with cannabis indica. At first I did not understand the difference between sativa & indica, & I spent a little time on the wrong tack! Sativa has a truly energizing effect for numerous people, & a much more clear-headed & focused stone, which is not what I wanted. Indica, on the other hand, helps mellow myself and others out & settle my brain a bit. I love to smoke cannabis right before bed, to help myself and others turn off my thoughts & drift off to sleep, since discovering the right blend of cannabis indica, I have been sleeping a whole lot better, for longer, & waking up much more rested, then during the mornings I don’t tend to smoke much cannabis at all, I love to wait until late in the evening! Cannabis is nice, it’s a lot of fun, however for myself and others it’s far more important to use as a medicine, & it helps myself and others keep getting fantastic rest.


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