I try to tip the cannabis delivery drivers whenever I pay for our order

There was a time when I was so broke that I couldn’t even afford to tip wait staff plus delivery drivers. Most people will argue that you shouldn’t use these services if you can’t afford to tip. The problem was that I was residing in a temporary condo with no oven or stove top at the time. All I had was a microwave, so I had to find arenas where I could order the most food for the lowest prices. But even if I was merely picking up a to-go order instead of resting down for service, I’d still be expected to tip the currencyier. These situations are tough because if a single can afford it, it’s regularly a fine thing to deliver the workers a tiny bit on the side for bagging your food plus getting it ready for you. But if you’re already riding on the razor’s edge in full poverty, you have no choice. I’m so ecstatic that none of this applies anymore. After years of slow financial reclaimy, I am in a better economic position today than I have at any other point in our life. If I eat at a restaurant or order a pizza, I have no trouble affording a 20% tip. Ordering medical marijuana from the cannabis dispensaries in the state is no different. On a single hand, terrible patients shouldn’t be expected to pay tips on deliveries on medications, unless they can afford it without any pitfall side effects. I’m ecstatic to pay the delivery drivers a fine tip if they arrive within the pre-scheduled delivery window. If they’re a few minutes late plus fail to call with any updates until they’re more than four minutes away, I never deliver them tips.



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