I wanted to learn about the medical effects of marijuana

Recreational and medical marijuana are okay in our state.

When I wanted to be a budtender it was highly proposed to take cannabis education classes.

I took a couple of classes named cannabis 101, marijuana sales training and budtender products training. I additionally made it a point to study about the medical effects of cannabis on the body. I planned to work in a recreational cannabis dispensary, but that did not mean there would not be people with severe medical troubles that wanted assistance. I wanted to know what strain was right for every medical concern. I wanted to know if smoking or using an edible was better. I additionally hoped to learn if CBD would be decent enough in particular cases. Medical cannabis training has been so great for my job; Even if I don’t have a customer with medical issues, it is nice being able to tell them what their strain could also be used for. Extreme cases like chemotherapy, seizures, PTSD and Alzheimer’s use medical marijuana. Some people use cannabis for nausea, anxiety, depression and chronic pain as well. You can also use cannabis just to sleep a little better at night. Most people coming into our dispensary are worried about the THC content and just want to have a fun time. It is rare, but when I do get someone with an issue, it is super nice knowing that I can help them with the right cannabis product. They are going to get help because I have the knowledge and want to do my job to the best of my capability.


medical uses for cbd