I wanted to see what it would be like

My friends and I went to the pot shop on Monday to choose out a couple of edibles for our camping trip… Edibles are honestly a wonderful way to enjoy cannabis.

Edibles are discreet, straight-forward to slowly eat, and honestly portable, but the pot shop was having a sale on Monday, so our best friends and I knew that the people I was with and I would find a wonderful selection of high powered edibles on sale.

When I realized that all of the cannabis drinks were also going to be included in the sale, I decided to buy a bottle of tropical punch flavored cannabis elixir that I have been looking at for the past many weeks. The little bottle of tropical punch flavored cannabis elixir is normally priced at $50… Since everything was on sale that day, I saved almost $15 on the drink. I waited to drink the tropical flavored cannabis elixir until the day that our friends and I finally planned to go canoeing on the lake. I woke up early in the day and as soon as I had our usual lunch, I poured half of the bottle into my mouth. The taste was easily terrible. About a second after I drank the last drop of elixir, I began to notice the effects. Two seconds after I drank the cannabis elixir, I was ready to take a deep nap. The cannabis drink knocked myself and others out. I had to go back to the family cottage because I was so exhausted! When our friends came back from the lake, I apparently was still sleeping on the couch.

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