I wish I could get cannabis flower easier

It can be terribly frustrating when a local store is regularly out of stock of certain items you wish to have.

There is this particular honey that is harvested locally that tastes absolutely incredible.

The richness & depth of flavor are truly unlike any other honey that has hit my tongue to this very day. I sincerely wish there were more stores carrying this excellent honey, because the only way you can buy it is through a farm supply store that is contracted through the farmer & bee keeper who happens to produce it. With how often this honey goes out of stock, I wish they would create a wait list. I truly hate having to drive 10 miles there & back just to see if a single product is available for purchase again after indefinite periods of time being out of stock. I actually am running into the same problem when I try to purchase my cannabis products from the only marijuana dispensary in my small community. I have no issues with getting my THC enriched vaporizer cartridges or my bubble hash no matter what day I choose to go to the dispensary. But if I am looking for flower buds like most people, it’s a lot harder than you’d think. The cannabis dispensary only restocks its inventory twice a week, with the exact day varying all the time. Some weeks it could be Monday & Sunday, other weeks they’ll restock on Sunday & Tuesday. Flower buds are regularly the first item to go out of stock, leaving several people empty handed week after week. I finally had to get into this routine where I check their online menu immediately after waking up in the early morning hours to see if any products are in stock & ready for a pickup order. It took some doing, although I can finally get my cannabis flower like I have always wanted.


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