I worried that the police would confiscate my marijuana products.

The first time I went into a medical marijuana dispensary; I was petrified.

  • As I was walking into the dispensary, a police officer pulled into the same parking lot.

He looked directly into my eyes and smiled. I was sure he knew I was going into the marijuana dispensary. I also knew I had a medical marijuana ID card, and it was legal for me to be here. What would happen if I bought too much, or something I wasn’t supposed to have. Would the police officer have the power to seize my bag and check it? I was sure I could lose my license, and possibly end up in jail for possession of illegal marijuana products. All I could think about was when my sister got caught. I can’t say I blame just her, because the marijuana dispensary had some guilt in her story. She called to ask me if I would bail her out of jail? She had presented a marijuana medical ID card that had an expired date on it. My sister swore she had renewed her ID card, and she couldn’t figure out why she was being arrested. The budtender in the medical marijuana dispensary accepted the card. If he noticed it was expired, he should have said something to her, or called the manager to check it out. It humiliated my sister to be arrested for illegal possession of medical marijuana. Had the police checked the medical marijuana ID card like they do for driver’s licenses, he would have known the date on the medical marijuana ID card, was a misprint.


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