I would love a pot brownie

A few friends and I decided to go down South for spring break. We took the car on the seven hour drive. My friends and I were excited to get away from school for a week. We wanted to have a great time, so we decided to make pot brownies. We never made pot brownies before, but we found a lot of great recipes online. We used some coconut oil to extract the THC from some marijuana. It was a long and drawn-out process, but it actually worked. It took a lot more marijuana than I thought it would. The coconut oil was a dark green color and smelled exactly like marijuana. We used our favorite brownie mix, double chocolate chip and fudge. We used the coconut oil in place of vegetable oil, and waited to see the results. The pot brownies turned out gooey and soft, just the way we like our brownies. My friends and I packed the pot brownies in our cooler, so we could enjoy them after our arrival. We were taking turns driving, and did not want to consume any marijuana. When we arrived to our sunny destination, my friends and I immediately decided to have our pot brownies. We waited an hour, but didn’t feel any effects. We each consumed another pot brownie. After three hours, no one felt anything. My friends and I were really disappointed.  We wasted a lot of marijuana to make the infused oil, and it didn’t work at all. I guess we should leave the pot brownies to the marijuana dispensaries.

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