I’m using medical marijuana for myself

My brother has always been a little bit different from the rest of the family.  Some of our relatives call him the black sheep of the family, but I would have to disagree with them.  He just hears a different rhythm than the rest of us. He doesn’t conform and I think that scares some people.  When we wanted bicycles, he wanted an old pedal car he had seen in the scrapyard. When we started to drive, we were all looking at the little sports car, but all he wanted was a cheap old volkswagen bug.  I think he is amazing and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, he continues to do things the way he feels is right for him. Last month, he decided that he was going to move out west. He had plans for opening up his own little smoke shop.  He had never said he smoked pot, or that he didn’t, because he did not think it was anyone’s business but his own. He has always been open with his love of pot, and most of our family condemns him for it. I remember how he would talk about Mary Jane, and my aunt thought it was his girlfriend.  I think that moving out west, where marijuana is legal, is a good move for him. He can open up his smoke house, and everything will be up and up for him. He will no longer need to worry about the self-righteous conservatives that are in our family and he will be able to smoke whenever he wants to.  I really hope it all work out for him.