Injury recovery spurred on with medical marijuana treatment

I’m very thankful to have survived a pretty horrific accident.

And that is something that I try to keep front of mind when I struggle with my recovery.

There have been surgeries and lots of physical rehab. However, I got to a point where I just couldn’t keep going. Medical cannabis proved to be the missing ingredient. The pain killers weren’t doing it for me unless I took more than I was supposed to. And I didn’t want to do that and run the risk of adding an addiction to my problems. So it got to the point where I was missing rehab appointments and sort of giving up. This was one of the worst things I could do but I was helpless to change how I felt. Thankfully, my wife got on to some cannabis information and the world has certainly changed for the better. She went to cannabis events and figured out how to get a medical marijuana card for me as well. My wife actually got quite the cannabis education as she was so fluent in all manner of cannabis products. Even the staff at the cannabis dispensary were quite impressed with her cannabis education. Well, that cannabis education got me on cannabis flower products which may have saved me from a pretty wretched life. Not only does the medical cannabis cut my pain big time, it also helps so much with the stiffness that I get during my recovery. And I notice that medical marijuana products have also helped me with my outlook. I’m ready to get to physical therapy now. The world just has a much better feel for me thanks to my medical marijuana treatments.

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