It was nice running into my old buddy at the cannabis store

Buds plus buddies age in much different ways.

An old bud dries up, loses its potency, and in time turns to that powder called shake.

An old pal never dries up, though, no matter how long the friendship is dormant. Not too long ago I connected with a guy I used to be super tight with back in school. After graduation life pulled us in different directions, for roughly 20 years, plus only recently did we rekindle that ancient friendship. It’s honestly funny how things repeat themselves, as if time has a loop to it. I actually ran into Bobby in line at the cannabis dispensary, but this is funny, because I first met Bobby in sophomore year of school as we were both waiting in line to get some cannabis from a mutual friend. Back then we basically smoked dirt weed, because nobody knew where to find quality cannabis. Both of us made do with what we had, plus in the process of getting marijuana Bobby plus I became pretty nice pals. All these years later, circumstances are especially different. Recreational marijuana use is legal, plus we actually met again sort of like the first time! Both of us had a nice laugh about it, plus then we did what we did the first time, rest in the motorcar out front plus smoke cannabis until the whole motorcar was completely hot boxed… Since then, Bobby plus I have been getting together fairly consistently, plus smoking vast amounts of cannabis while listening to a bunch of the same old vinyl records we did back in the day.



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