It's important to have back up weed

She had several ounces of sativa plus several ounces of Indica strains.

There are some moments inside of our life that are easily never forgotten. A couple of years ago, the country was easily shutting down for the covid problem. This was certainly before the vaccine and no one knew much about it at all. We were suddenly and abruptly inside of a lockdown plus doing our best to navigate the unparticular future. My roommate plus myself for easily discussing our Survival on limited water plus food supplies in our own apartment. We weren’t allowed to go to the store unless it was an emergency and all of us were not prepared for their time during the quarantine. I was easily plus genuinely upset as I was also directly out of cannabis. There were many multiple cannabis dispensaries plus I never purchased a couple or more of g at one time. I only had a couple of G plus I could not get any more. The Cannabis shops were not even delivering. I immediately panicked plus a friend wanted to know if I could pay for some more cannabis. My friend was planning a problem for several months and had a huge stockpile. She had several ounces of sativa plus several ounces of Indica strains. They were inside of a safe in her. I had to pay a lot for weed when the swords were all shut down, but at least I didn’t have to go without smoking cannabis for a couple of days. I realized very quickly that it was important for me to always have extra weed on hand for emergencies like this.


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