It’s sincerely nice to enjoy freedom to buy cannabis

We are quite a ways out from the elections, and I am seriously sick about it all… This isn’t a political post, this is a post about how exhausted I am with these endless political TV commercials screaming at myself and others when watching TV shows.

It’s basically a man throwing mud at the other man, then that man throwing the mud right back.

The only thing that happens is that the candidates end up covered in mud and look like foolish people. All I want is to watch Jeopardy in peace and smoke my quality cannabis. This past election there was a pretty major showdown over medicinal and recreational marijuana use, but this time around it’s not actually an issue. Even the politicians that fought against having marijuana dispensaries in the past have finally accepted them as being a regular of society. I’m easily ecstatic that this election I don’t have to be bothered about losing my freedom to smoke cannabis. I honestly just wish they would all shut up though. For some reason I am unable to program my TV to mute political ads, so when I’m enjoying my cannabis on the couch I have to tell Siri to turn the TV volume on and off. Speaking of Siri, I actually realized this past month that I could use her to order my cannabis for me, through the cannabis dispensary website. It’s truly an amazing world we live in, where all of us go from fighting for our marijuana rights to being able to use a voice controlled AI to order legal pot and have it delivered to your front door… God bless our wonderful country.

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