Legal marijuana is something I have been using a lot lately

Legal marijuana is something that I’ve been using a lot lately because of all of my anxiety problems.

  • I have found that medical marijuana is super helpful with curbing my anxiety issues most of the time.

This has been a real breakthrough for me because I have had anxiety problems a lot over the past year or so and none of the traditional medications that I have tried have really been all that helpful for me. I have tried several different medications that my doctor prescribed me but they didn’t really seem to help with my anxiety very much at all. I have really noticed a big difference when it comes to my symptoms with the marijuana, though. It doesn’t ever really make me feel like I am high. Instead, it just helps to make me feel less nervous and like I’m much more calm and collected. It’s a great feeling and I am really happy that I finally tried it. I wish that I had not bought into the stigma of marijuana for so long. If I had just been willing to give it a chance years ago, then I probably wouldn’t have had so many anxiety troubles for so long. I have been especially thankful for medical marijuana over the past year during the pandemic shutdowns. I’m not really sure that I would have made it through this past weird year without it! If it were up to me, then I would say that marijuana should actually be legal everywhere. Hopefully, legal marijuana will be coming to states everywhere soon.


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