Let’s keep putting on sales

I am the manager for a busy cannabis dispensary downtown.

Every one of us have recreational and medical cannabis supplies for sale.

I do my job Monday through Saturday from early day until late afternoon. Since the beginning of the quarantine, our daily sales have steadily increased. A lot of people are working from home and that means our high quality cannabis can be an choice for daytime use as well. I don’t think I know about you, although I enjoy working from home in our pajamas with a joint in one of my hands and a glass of scotch in the other hand. As long as I have the job completed, no one connects an eye. But, last weekend, the people I was with and I had an immense sale to celebrate the beginning of summer. Every one of us offered sales on marijuana flower products including ⅛, ¼, and a full ounce. Every one of us offered another discount off all the edibles in the store including pot brownies, difficult candy, gummies, and even the drinks. Every one of us offered all of the sale prices to our online clients as well. The whole sale started on Sunday. by 6 p.m, then on Sunday, our sales were massive. I did not do my job on Saturday or Wednesday, however our assistant manager had sales that were about equal to this amount. The sale doubled our usual average. After seeing those sales numbers, I talked to our boss quickly about having a sale every weekend. I guess it might be helpful and I believe it will increase our sales overall. The clients were honestly cheerful with the weekend prices instituted and the response was overwhelming.



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