Making a better cafe

The key to succeeding in business is to make the right move before anyone else does… You need to be ahead of the learning game for long enough that you finally set the curve. Take the online search options, for example — Google no longer has competition, they run the entire internet with absolutely little competition. They set the curve for almost everyone else to follow, so there are no other ones for the market share… Over the last few months there have been several up-to-date cannabis stores opening up in this city, plus so I need to stay ahead of them. My cannabis dispensary was the 1st in town, plus both of us have a strong, loyal purchaser base, however I can’t just sit back plus kick up my feet, that will allow the other people time to catch up! Instead I need to push ahead, evolve or perish, as they say, plus I care about the program of a cannabis cafe. I care about the program because I can start small, with a booth in the corner of the cannabis store, and both of us can focus on baked goods plus edibles. A line of gourmet cannabis meals plus cookies will be beautiful to the eye plus hopefully make some fantastic sales. Depending on how that test goes, both of us can expand into the vacant store next door, which has a limited entryway, plus host a real cannabis cafe with a full amount of food. The place is immense enough that it could also host live bands, plus if this place had food plus music it would be the go-to, must-see cannabis dispensary for the whole town.

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