Making candy for medical use with distillate

THC distillate oils have limitless potential when it comes to baking plus cooking, and tHC distillate oils made from pure THC plus they are completely decarboxylated.

The THC doesn’t need to be heated, which makes them perfect for frigid applications care about salad dressing; I love to use pure THC oil to make vinaigrette.

You can taste the terpenes in the oil plus the flavor doesn’t get lost in the dressing. THC cannabis oils are absolutely the future of concentrate. I buy distillate oil from the dispensary using our medical marijuana prescription. Distillates plus THC cannabis oils are fantastic for making candy. I add the distillate at the end of the cooking process, after the candy has reached the difficult crack stage. The distillate oil blends nicely into the candy plus it doesn’t leave any residue. You can add any flavor to the candy to make unusual tastes. I have been making candy for the past few weeks plus I have come up with some delicious recipes. I use a syringe of lemon OG distillate plus lemon extract to make a difficult candy that tastes exactly care about sour lemon drops. I can adjust the recipe to make the candy 10 mg feet or 50 milligrams each. I keep a supply of marijuana candy in the kitchen plus I usually medicate with sweets throughout the day. I don’t care about smoking weed, however a piece of candy is a fantastic way to ingest the benefits of medical marijuana. Right now I have redberry, grape, lemon drop, plus watermelon flavored candies. I ordered some unique flavorings online plus once they arrive I’m going to try to make coconut cream pie flavored candies.

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