Marijuana dispensaries are opening in this county all of the time

Before the country fell into economic collapse amid the global pandemic, my home state and my city and county were seeing steady growth.

Things weren’t easy for us after the last economic recession in 2008, which took us roughly four years to reach a measurable degree of recovery. Home developers had previously left the state, leaving many plans for store openings hanging within an air of uncertainty. Until 2015, there was virtually no new development in my community. I was relieved to see things turn around when they did, and it was obvious to me that things were getting better all the time. Job growth was picking up speed and people started moving back to the state as a result. Home developers followed suit and started building subdivisions wherever they could buy large plots of vacant land. I think things have only been improved since recreational weed was legalized four years ago. The state has raked in a considerable revenue haul from the taxes on cannabis products alone. When we started out with just a handful of different marijuana dispensaries to choose from, few of us could foresee a future where they were on nearly every other street corner like they are now. And it didn’t even take nearly as long as many of us projected when the laws were put into effect. Now there are dispensaries opening in my county all of the time, with most offering home delivery services if you don’t want to drive to the store to get your marijuana products. My favorite cannabis dispensary offers free statewide delivery on all orders over $100.


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