Marijuana is in the stores!

I’ve been pretty stressed out lately because there is just a lot going on in my life. I’m working two jobs, raising four kids, and trying to complete a house remodel. On top of that, I haven’t had one spare minute to go to the gym, and exercising has always been the best way for me to relieve stress. I just feel like I’m on edge all of the time and I hate taking manmade medications like the ones that my doctor has prescribed for me for generalized anxiety. After doing lots of research, I decided that I would try using marijuana edibles to try and help relieve my stress and anxiety. Since it’s legal where we live, it wasn’t hard for me to obtain it. I just went to one of the little marijuana smoke shops that’s set up in town and went inside and purchased a tiny bag full of what appeared to be little gummy bears, but they were actually made from marijuana. I guess if you didn’t know it was Mary Jane, then you would just think it was actually candy. The man at the marijuana smoke shop told me that I should just eat the head or a foot off of the marijuana edible. He said that under no circumstances should I ever eat the entire marijuana edible at one time, since I am new to using marijuana in any form. I’m planning on trying it for the first time this weekend and I hope that the marijuana edibles just help me to relax and don’t make me feel goofy or high or anything like that.